Introducing: 7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers

I learned about the new anthology 7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers over the weekend and wanted to share it with the writers and aspiring writers amongst my blog readers. (And there’s a bonus surprise at the end for readers!)

This anthology deals with seven key areas for Christian writers: Time with God, Healthy Living, Time Management, Honing Writing Skills, Crafting a Masterpiece, Submitting, and Marketing.

The contributing writers, all members of ICWF— InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship—come from various walks of life and write in various genres for a range of audiences. Through fiction, poetry, and nonfiction such as devotionals, essays, and articles, they generously share their own discoveries, success stories, and hard-won lessons in order to encourage and support other Christian writers.

Here’s what well known authors are saying about the book:

Phil Callaway, bestselling author and host of Laugh Again Radio says, “I love seven things about this book: It is practical. It is affordable. It is encouraging. It is worth highlighting, underlining and dog-earing. Plus it made me forget about my toothache.” He continues his endorsement: “Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran writer, you’ll discover 7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers to be jammed with instantly actionable advice that will make you a better writer. Dig in.”

Jeff Goins, bestselling author of The Art of Work and other titles says, “This book is a beautiful blend of faithfulness and craft. It will help you answer the practical questions of what it means to be a writer while honoring what you believe. I wish I’d read this when I got started.”

Kathi Macias, award-winning author of more than 50 books, says, “7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers is an absolute gem! I love that it covers all the basics a writer needs to know, making them simple and practical. I also love that the book has many authors, giving us ideas and suggestions from their own writing journey. I highly recommend this book to anyone seriously considering writing as a vocation or even an avocation, particularly those writers who see their work as a ministry—which it certainly is!”

Nancy Rue, bestselling author and creator of Shadow to Shelf, a mentoring program for writers, says, “There are hundreds of how-to-write books on the market, but none that I know of touches both of the vital aspects of writing as a Christian better than this anthology from InScribe. The practical and the spiritual are woven into a whole by a remarkably creative group of writers who are in the trenches as we speak. I intend to snack on this fare again and again.”

The e-book is currently available on Kindle. The paperback version will be released in September, during the ICWF Fall Conference in Edmonton, Alberta. Click to learn more about ICWF and their annual conference.

Giveaway Opportunity: Stephanie Nickel, one of the anthology’s editors, is generously giving away a paperback copy (open to US and Canadian addresses) when it releases in September, to one randomly selected commenter below who lets us know an essential habit he or she is working on as a writer.

Bonus Giveaway for the non-writers who took the time to read this post anyway: 😉 

An advanced copy (once available) of my next mystery, A Fool and His Monet, will be mailed to one randomly selected commenter who shares a humorous or unusual personality quirk or incident he or she would like me to include in the next novel. 😆

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    • I know that feeling…especially considering that I haven’t posted here since you were my guest!

    • A very good habit to cultivate Naomi! I’ve recruited a few others to do the same for me as well.

  • I am working on finding the ability to focus and park the distractions… that still small voice is hard to hear if I’m not really listening for it!!

  • I always am working on rembering NOT to compare what I am writing to others. God has unique journeys for each of us and I don’t want to miss mine because I’m trying to follow a trend or be like someone else. It’s an important lesson for writing and for life.

  • I’m working on being patient. I always try to rush things and find myself moving ahead of God. That can sometimes get you in trouble or find yourself in an uncomfortable position trying to explain why you didn’t wait for an answer.

  • I’m working on taking a rest once in a while. I’m so addicted to the fiction-writing process, so excited about applying new things I’m constantly learning, that I’ve even developed a neck problem from all the computer time…not to mention eyestrain. Sheesh!! So self-control is what I need to work on.

    Thanks for the post.

  • I’m working on healthy living and time management. I just started regularly walking again and hopefully won’t get set back for too long since I’m having some major surgery on Tuesday.

  • Writing a minimum word count every single day is a goal I work at. Barring illness, I am committed to getting in my words. I may not produce fabulous writing every time, but I have decided to not worry so much about perfection. That’s another thing I’m working on in this process. 🙂

  • Sending out a big thank you to everyone who shared one of the habits they are working on. they were all very motivating for me to read! I let choose the winner of the complimentary copy and it is Donna Stone. Congratulations!

    Since no one was brave enough to share a humorous or unique personality quirk, I’ll have to save the novel giveaway for another day. 😉

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