Living with a Writer

I’m blessed with witty kids, with keen psychological insights, who don’t even mind snapshots of their lives occasionally being turned into a fishbowl for others to read about on my blog.

Image of Goldlfish Jumping from a fishbowl
Okay, some of them might mind.

With both my daughter and I struggling to get the opening chapters of our current works-in-progress just right, the men in our house have had to listen to a lot of lamenting.

Having fun at a photo shoot

And men, being fixers, always try to offer helpful, or not so helpful, suggestions.

Yesterday at lunch, for example, I commented on how concerned I was that my heroine didn’t seem likable enough.

My son (oops, an anonymous male sharing our lunch meal with us), helpfully responded:

“You’ll never be able to make a girl fully likable.”

Yes, he really said that.

My response?

An aside to my daughter — “We’re never going to be able to marry him off.” 🙄

Of course, meanwhile, I’m frantically jotting down what he said, because hey, it’s a great line for my next nursing-a-broken-heart sidekick, right? And I did ask if I could quote him…hence the use of “anonymous.” 😉

My husband wisely remained silently, but my daughter had an equally helpful insight:

“You can’t make a girl fully likable because then all the other girls will hate her!” 

😆  Isn’t that so true?

P.S. This is the last week that Perilous Waters will be in stores before it’s pulled from the shelves to make room for Love Inspired’s May releases!


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