Fun Friday – Five Top Reasons I Love Writing Romantic Suspense

No matter how wonderful your job is, or how long you’ve dreamed of doing it, sometimes you wonder why you torture yourself day in and day out.

Yes, even writers feel this way. Quite often, actually.

I’ve created this list for just those kind of days.

1) I love writing romantic suspense because my heroine can zing those pithy comebacks at the hero that I never think of quickly enough in real life.

2) If someone bugs me, I can kill them off. Hee, hee, hee.

3) I can make the hero suffer for his idiocy!

4) I can thwart the bad guy’s plan with a flick of my finger.

5) I can knock some sense into the hero and heroine so they’ll find their happily ever after.

Your Turn: Why do you like to read (or write)?


  • Love #1. I can come up with such great comebacks…about 12 hours after the fact! Grrr. I guess I should start writing them down and putting them into a book. LOL.

    I guess high on my list would be escape, both as a reader and a writer. Oh — and the fictious ability to do over certain things in my life. And for the chance to be daring. (Heroines are always walking through the door I’d be cowering behind in real life!) And to be uplifted…a chance to work out gosepl issues, re-learn sacred truths. I don’t think I can ever be reminded enough of Christ’s love for me or about issues like trust, faith, forgiveness.

  • I love #1 too. It’s amazing how clever & witty my characters can be. Wish it would rub off on me a bit.

    I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for 19 years now, so I enjoy reading that challenges me since I don’t get the mental challenge from a paying job. Give me a novel that makes me think below the surface & I’m thrilled. Guess that’s why I write too. It gets me to think deeper about life’s issues, and to see multiple perspectives. In that way, writing helps me be more open minded.

    Good questions, Sandra.

  • Just a reader….and love it. I see it as an escape, a way to learn, connect, grow and just relax. So keep up the great writing Sandra!
    Happy weekend to all!

  • These are perfect reasons to keep writing, Sandra!

    Although I write nf, I have often longed to write fiction, just to let my imagination free. I think that’s why I read fiction–it’s a vacation from reality, which is often painful.

    Mysteries are my favorite genre, because I love the satisfied feeling of justice being served. You keep writing, dear–we need you!

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