NOVEL MORSELS – My Gift to You

I’m excited to introduce 
Novel Morsels 
 A collaborative recipe Ebook bringing your favorite Christian authors and their favorite foods together. 
Sixty-five Christian fiction authors have come together in this first-of-its-kind e-book, sharing more than 120 recipes that connect to their books or their characters.
The book retails for $2.99, but as my gift to you, my blog readers, newsletter subscribers and Facebook fans may use this special coupon code [ SandraOrchard ] to download the book for free!!
You can purchase Novel Morsels RIGHT HERE. 

Enter my coupon code in the bottom left hand corner and click apply. The book will then show a zero balance owing, and you can proceed to checkout. 

Just so you know what to expect… 
You will be asked for your name, email address and phone number. You can simply put your first name and n/a for phone number, but ensure you type your email address accurately as your receipt and download link will be emailed to you. 

The receipt will appear in your inbox almost immediately, but I found that the email with the download link was delayed by a couple of hours. Rest assured that it will come. You may want to check your spam file if you don’t see it after a few hours. The book itself is a 55.6 MB pdf file so if you’re not on highspeed, it could take a while to download.

Soon, Novel Morsels will be available for Kindle and Nook. I’ll keep you posted.

P.S. Friday we have a special guest visiting in honor of Remembrance Day/Veteran’s Day that you won’t want to miss. 

Your Turn: What’s the most memorable or touching gift you’ve ever received…not counting God’s most precious gift of his son?


  • Oooh, good question. I’m not sure. Sometimes surprise gifts really touch me, just because they’re not for any reason so that kind of makes them special.
    I wish I liked to cook! As it is, I barely open my cookbook. LOL Great idea though. Hope it sells amazingly!

  • Thanks, Sandra!!

    My most memorable gift would be my family ring that hubby got me last year for Christmas. I’ve never cried before receiving a gift (I’m so not a cryer) but the tears slipped out when I opened my ring last year. Every time I look at it I’m just in awe of the gift my family is to me! My whole life really is represented in that ring. What a blessing!

  • Thanks, Sandra!

    The most recent precious gift that I received was a nut roll.

    Let me explain…5 years ago, I was with some friends, and we were talking about Christmas traditions. I mentioned how I always knew it was 2 days to Christmas because my mother always made her nut roll then. The house smelled wonderful with the rich aroma of Christmas nut roll.

    I also mentioned how much I missed it because my mom had passed away a few years before. That year, two days before Christmas, my friend brought me her homemade, unbaked nut roll for me to bake in the oven and fill my house with the aroma of a fond memory. Every year since, my friend makes me a nut roll to bake in my own oven – to remember my mom’s Christmas tradition.

  • Loree, what a wonderful, precious gift…you had me crying before I even got to the end of your comment.

    Eileen, such a beautiful reminder of the true jewels in your life. I still remember how proudly my dad presented my mom with a family ring many, many years ago.

    Jackie, yes, feel free to pass the gift along…perhaps they’ll share the results like Loree’s dear friend!

  • Ha. Really?? :0) Okay, I LOVE recipe books! If only my attempt at the recipes inside them turned out the way they were supposed to…it’s best to keep me out of the kitchen whenever possible, but I have managed to raise two children and one husband and all three are still alive and kicking.

  • Thanks, Sandra! New food ideas are always welcome. Most memorable or touching gift I’ve received… my brain shut down an hour or so ago for the day, and I’m coming up dry. I know the gifts are there, though!

  • LOL, Catherine, so I’m guessing this cookbook doesn’t top your list of most memorable gifts! 🙂

    Hey, Janet, I swear this time change is messing with our brains around here. It’s okay…shhh…we won’t tell your hubby you couldn’t remember a single memorable gift. hee, hee

  • Let’s put a good spin on this, Sandra… I’m having trouble with a memorable gift because there are so many. I have a great husband! How ’bout the opal ring he gave me for our 25th? Or the birthday he sent me to my parents’ empty house for a day to write? Hmmm… that’s been a long while.

  • LOVE the title ‘Novel Morsels’ and the idea is great.

    One of the most memorable and touching gifts I ever received was from a young girl I barely new in Cork, Ireland. I was living there putzing about after high school and had been invited to a church family’s home for Christmas day.

    The large family (seven children and one on the way) lived out in the country in rather primitive conditions. They had been living in trailer but it had burned down and so the dad had converted an old out building into a home of sorts. The ‘house’ had four rooms — main kitchen/sitting room with a big fireplace and two bedrooms — one for the boys and one for the girls.

    They had absolutely NO money. Their Christmas gifts consisted of one solitary item per child purchased at a church ‘jumble’ sale. The kids were thrilled to have visitors on Christmas and proudly showed off their treasured gifts.

    The oldest daughter, Jacqueline hugged an Enid Blyton book to her chest, beaming at her good fortune. I’d read a lot of Enid Blyton so we happily bonded over a best-loved author.

    One of the children shyly asked what I had gotten for Christmas. Alas, my Christmas parcels hadn’t arrived from home. (I didn’t get them until February!) All the children were very upset that I hadn’t received anything on Christmas and when I admitted I was a little homesick as well, Jacqueline made a surprising sacrifice. She gave me her only Christmas gift — that Enid Blyton book!!!!! I still have it to this day. It reminds me of the pure, selfless spirit of Christmas.

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