3 Compelling Ways to Show Her You Love Her

Serena Jones, the heroine of my newest series, seems to attract male interest without effort, but she’s pretty much oblivious to it. So what’s a guy to do?

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Well…I’ve compiled a list for the men in her life, and readers of my blog, to help us all out.

See if you agree with them, then after you read A Fool and His Monet, you can see how the men in Serena’s life rank. And…

then pop over to this page to register your vote for your favourite man.

Because let’s face it, there are lots of people in our lives we can love, but how many of those relationships can we make last forever?

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Okay, so here’s my test:


  • Does he respect her?


Respect her opinions, her choices, her values?


  • Does he protect her?


Both physically and emotionally. Does he run on the outside closest to traffic while out for a jog? See her to the door after an evening out? Guard his words to not crush her? Stand up for her against the harsh words of others, whether she is present or not? Take her side, not her mother’s, or worse, his mother’s?


  • Does he make sacrifices for her?


Give up a golf game or night with the guys so he can attend that event that is so important to her. Is she more important to him than his career? More important than his friends? More important than his family? More important than living where and how he’s always dreamed of living?

Your Turn: Any other questions we should add to the list?