Boxing Week Blowout & A Cat Question

Just a quick post to let you know that if you haven’t tried the Port Aster Secrets series and would like to read it on a Kobo, from now until January 5th, you can pick up Deadly Devotion, book 1 in the series, for only 99 cents. (Click image or “kobo” above for link)


I’m hard at work on the first book in my next series. My writing cave doesn’t look quite as cool as this:

Writing CaveBut I am locked away.

I added a heater to the room yesterday, so maybe I’ll be able to think better now. Although… the book is set in February, so all that shivering was inspiring. 😉

The opening scene happens in Buffalo, so at one point I have:

The chance of scoring a flight home to St. Louis tonight didn’t look good. And the frigid Buffalo temps would be nothing compared to the cold shoulder my cat would give me if he had to spend a second night with only my friend to look in on him. 😀

And here’s my question for you: What kind of cat should I give my heroine?

It is a he–Harold. It came with the apartment she took over from her Great Aunt. She’s never had a cat before so this is a new experience for her.

I snapped this pic of my friend’s cat in St. Louis (it refused to pose!!!), thinking “he’d” make a good model, except…would you say his coat has 3 colors? Because then he’d have to be a she, right?





  • Don’t have a Kobo. Love to hold your books in my hands. Patiently waiting for Book 3 in Port Aster series……soon. I do like the look of that cave. I like grey and white, or black and white cats, but the one above has character, and a mind of his own.

  • Generally speaking, a calico is a female…but there are male calicoes and the male is usually sterile. The cat above looks like a Tortie. Or tortoise. 🙂
    And the male is usually sterile as well.

    My daughter has one that looks like the one in the photo and it’s a she.We call her Smoky.

Great to "see" you here today! I look forward to reading your comment.