Fun Friday – Romantic Times Review for Critical Condition

Today’s post is short and sweet, because I’m working like crazy to finish the first draft of my next Love Inspired Suspense. But…

I wanted to celebrate with you the fun news I heard this week about my October release Critical Condition.

For those who have read the Undercover Cops series so far, this book has Zach (introduced in Deep Cover) as the hero.

The news is…

The Romantic Times Magazine gave Critical Condition 4.5 stars!!!

The 4.5 star rating is described as a fabulous read, a keeper–their second to highest rating.

But what was even more thrilling for me was how the reviewer described it:

“Well-developed characters and fast-paced action will keep readers fully engaged in this wonderful tribute to spouses struggling with a loved one’s illness.” 

The hero lost his wife to cancer eight years ago and now has to work undercover in a hospital to stop a killer. The suspects include several medical professionals involved in experimental and alternative treatments.

The reason I soooo appreciate this reviewer’s description is because I wrote the final draft of this story after losing my dear writing friend to cancer and dedicated the story to her husband who is the kind of hero I imagined Zach being.

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Thank you so much for visiting my blog today and helping me celebrate. It is my dearest prayer that this book will inspire you to cherish the gifts of each day and open your heart to new possibilities. 
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