Sneak Peek of Fatal Inheritance

My favorite part of being a writer–receiving messages from readers–has picked up again with the release of Fatal Inheritance to the Love Inspired Suspense book club subscribers. Subscribers receive the book more than a month ahead of release.

Fatal Inheritance

But… if you can’t wait until it appears on store shelves next month or in your favorite online shop, you can order it now directly from Harlequin in regular print, large print, or Epub format.

Of course… if you wait until Friday, they usually have a special, in which if you order 2 books, you get a selected book free. (sometimes it’s an LI book, sometimes it from one of their many other lines)

For the benefit of book club subscribers I have made the bonus features for the book live ahead of the official release. Also hoping to tempt the rest of you. 😉

You’ll find:

Deleted Scenes

On Location in Serenity

Doesn’t that make you wish you could sit on the heroine’s back porch and enjoy the view?

Editor’s Cut with Commentary

Josh’s Tasty BBQ Veggies

Character Interviews:
Joshua Rayne   (picture Mark Wahlberg)
Becki Graw

If you haven’t read Fatal Inheritance yet, and want to whet your appetite:

Click here to read Chapter One

Your Turn: What’s on your reading list this summer? Do you tend to read “extras” from authors if they’re offered?

Sunday Update: Kav is the surprise giveaway winner. I’ll be in touch

My Answer to the question: I’ve been catching up on the Texas K-9 Unit with Love Inspired Suspense. They had me at K-9.  🙄 Aside from character interviews on blogs, I’ve never read extras from other authors, beside prequels or sequels. I’ve never heard of any. 


  • My summer reading is weak right now! It’s never like that either. But my time has been limited and when I can finally read, I fall asleep. I need to snap out of it. LOL

    But yes! I WILL read extra or deleted scenes! Love that!

  • Oh Sandra, I read Fatal Inheritance this weekend and LOVED it. And yes, I’ve read all your extras too when I discovered them here.

    I was really impressed with the LI books I chose this time round. I’m afraid I didn’t pace myself and I’ve already read three of them! Margaret Daley has a new series starting up about service dogs. The first one was a hit with Simba and me. 🙂

    I enjoyed the K-9 series as well. LIS is really offering up great books. It’s hard to say no to any of them, but sometimes my pocket book gives me a cold glimpse into reality. I need to eat and pay the rent, you know?

    I’m going to pop back to last Monday’s post now.

    • Thanks Kav, I’m so pleased to hear you LOVED it! 🙂 I have a mug with a quote on you’d identify with: “When I get a little money, I buy books; and if there is any left, I buy food and clothes.” -Erasmus

Great to "see" you here today! I look forward to reading your comment.