Mysteries of Cobble Hill Farm Now on Kindle!

I have awesome news for my Canadian and other non-US-based readers, the first book in the Mysteries of Cobble Hill Farm, Digging Up Secrets by Elizabeth Penney, is currently available as a free read for Kindle Unlimited members. And available for purchase on kindle (as well as in print).


Once the book finishes its run on Kindle Unlimited, I imagine, it will also be available to Nook and Kobo readers, since print versions are already available at the other retail outlets. Hopefully all the upcoming books in the series (i.e. my Into Thin Air, which is the third book) will be too! 

However, if you want to hold the book in your hand…

and live in the US, purchasing directly from the publisher is a better deal. They’re having a Mother’s Day sale until May 8th. Save 20% on orders over $30 with code SAVE20. That said, when I went there a few minutes ago, a pop up window offered me an instant 15% off with no minimum purchase. 

Please note: if that you only wish to purchase the first book and not subscribe to the series, choose the second option:

And while you’re there, if you’re looking for another book to reach that magic $30 mark, you can check out: 

Book Cover for Love's a Mystery
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Mysteries of Cobble Hill Farm Launches

Attention fans of All Creatures Great and Small, cozy mysteries, or anything British…

Mysteries of Cobble Hill Farm is for you! 

I was honoured to be invited by Guideposts to contribute two stories to Mysteries of Cobble Hill Farm, a fifteen-book, multi-author series, set in God’s Own County–Yorkshire, UK. 

About Mysteries of Cobble Hill Farm

This exciting series from Guideposts is set in the charming, history-filled region of Yorkshire, England. Often called “God’s Own County” by the locals, you’ll fall in love with the area right along with newly transplanted Harriet Bailey. As she explores the rolling hills, marvels at the gardens that surround each cottage, and wanders through the ruins of old stone castles, she finds herself hoping she made the right decision when she moved here to take over her late grandfather’s veterinary practice. 

With lots of Extras to Enjoy 

Besides a fabulous mystery, many with historical elements, each story will also feature a yummy recipe for popular British dishes. This is where I have to retract Serena Jones’s statement in A Fool and His Monet: British cuisine. World renowned since never. 

Although in Serena’s defense, (and for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s really time you read her art crime mysteries), she was referencing Bubble and Squeak at the time. She was being facetious when she mused that rechristening leftovers with a cutesy name made them so much tastier. Especially when in Mom’s kitchen, Brussels Sprouts were inevitably involved in insidious ways.  

But I digress! 

Each book also features fun facts about people, places, or things in Britain, related to the story. 

In addition to those included in the book, I’ll soon be adding bonus features to my website for Into Thin Air, too. 

Book Cover for Into Thin Air

Into Thin Air, is my first contribution to the Mysteries of Cobble Hill Farm. Read more about it here:

Into Thin Air includes a kidnapping and an art theft (channeling Serena Jones again here 🙂 ) and lots of lovable characters of both the human and animal varieties. 😉 

Can’t wait to start reading Mysteries of Cobble Hill Farm? 

You can purchase books individually, or you can subscribe to the series and enjoy extra savings and two free gifts. You’ll find all the details at Shop Guideposts.

Shopping Tip: if you find other books you like, and spend more than $45, use coupon code FREESHIP45 to enjoy free shipping.