Readers’ & Writers’ Dream Auction Ends Soon

The American Christian Fiction Writers Association is hosting an online silent auction with over 70 items worth checking out!

Link to ACFW

If you are an aspiring writer, you won’t want to miss the amazing deals on everything from manuscript and proposal critiques from multi-published authors and agents to mentoring sessions with illustrious icons of the industry like Michael Hauge.

Readers will also find some tempting book bundles, some that actually include a Kindle to read them on!

But hurry, because bidding ends in 24 hours–9 pm Monday, April 5th, Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

Click here to check out the item list

I’m Off to See the Wizard…

The wonderful wizards of … Texas?

This ditty from The Wizard of Oz has been humming in my head ever since I finished packing for the American Christian Fiction Writer’s conference last Friday. ~Grin~

Today, I’m on my way, and looking forward to learning from a variety of writing experts. (aka wizards)

This will be my first time to the Lone Star State. Of course, I won’t see much more than the airport and the Hyatt and the road that connects them. LOL.

But I hear, I’m bound to see lots of cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and big hairdos. And hear a lot of “ya’all”. Which I have on good authority, Texans spell with an “a” after the “y”.

I love attending writing conferences. The classes always spur me on to new ideas. The fellowship is fabulous. Where else can I hang out with a bunch of other people who also have voices talking in their heads, and who aren’t…um…schizophrenic? 

Oh, and did I mention that I don’t have to cook, clean, do laundry or make the bed for 4 whole days?!

See ya’all next week…if I don’t see ya in Texas!

If you want to watch the 2012 ACFW awards presentation Saturday night, click the link to watch it live. (At least… I hope it will change to 2012 on Saturday night…right now it plays the 2011 awards)

Fun Friday – Writing Maxims & Real Life

You’ve no doubt heard the saying that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. 

Not so when the goose is a novelist and the gander is her alter-ego–mom, wife or employee!

Today on the American Christian Fiction Writer’s blog, I’m sharing how one simple trick can make an author’s novel come alive.

Start late. Leave early. 

Great advice for a novelist who wants to create page turning suspense. 

Not so great advice for how to win that new promotion at work, or your daughter’s undying affection when she’s playing in the championship game or making her ballet debut. 

Your Turn: Do you have any maxims you try to live by?

Love Inspired Authors at ACFW

For those of you who read Love Inspired books, I thought it’d be fun to share some photos of LI authors. 

How many you can name? 
You get one point for each author you’re the first to name correctly…yes, there’s a prize. 😀
Skip the guys, ’cause we’re all gals.

Romance writers #1 and #2 with their real-life hero husbands
 Hint: Couple #2 are newlyweds
Hint: writer #3 is a Golden Heart winner and Rita finalist
Left to Right are Writers #4 to 8
Hint: #7 is a newly-contracted author and Genesis finalist
Writers #9 and 10 
 Hint: #9 writes for LIS; #10 writes for LIH
Writer #11 is known for her sense of humor
Writer #12 walked away with a Carol Award
Writer #13 loves to tease
Writer #14 and 15
 writer #15 is a newly contracted historical author
Writers #16-17
Writers #18-22

Bonus Points if you can name Editors #1 and 2
Have fun! 
I admit I’ll have to bring in a couple of LI experts to help me out with judging because there are a few authors I’m not sure I know either! 
So double points to anyone who gets those right.


A late good morning to everyone! I’m still recovering from yesterday’s trip home from the ACFW conference in St. Louis and hope to post more pictures and fun stories a little later today.

American Christian Fiction Writers Conference – ACFW

 I’ve been having so much fun meeting old friends and making new ones that I’m afraid I haven’t taken many photos. Internet access is also difficult, but here are a few that I’ve managed to download. Later, I want to add a cool photo I took of The Arch emerging from the fog behind the state building. Tracie Peterson gave the opening address yesterday…very entertaining. Hopefully, later I’ll get a close-up picture. I’ve gained notoriety for locking my roommate out (long story), but Brandilynn Collins had fun roasting me from the platform. Now, just about everyone knows my name!! And my books in the conference bookstore have sold out!!!

View from the hotel window. It has 18 floors–massive.

I met Ashley online a few months ago and we’ve had a wonderful time getting to know each other in person.

If you visit my FB page, you’ve seen this pic of Patty Smith Hall , Ruth Logan Herne, and new Love Inspired Historical  author Sherri Shackelford admiring my grand daughter’s photo. 😀

with Jessica Nelson whose Love Inspired Historical debuts in October

Kelly Ann Riley (LIS) Merrilee Whren (LI) Myself and my critique partner Vicki Talley McCollum sharing a quiet lunch between the early bird session Thursday and opening worship time

On the Road…

I’m on my way to the American Christian Fiction Writers’ Conference (ACFW), after a stressful day yesterday rebooking a flight that Air Canada cancelled in a pre-emptive measure in case their flight attendants went on strike…which they didn’t!!!

I’m convinced God has a reason for that turn of events, but I hope it wasn’t to improve my patience, or I failed miserably. Eileen suggested it’s so I can write a stressed-out scene with more realism!

I’m just grateful to have a flight…

Hopefully, I’ll be able to post a few pics over the course of the conference, and fun tidbits, if not here than on my Facebook page. The link is on the sidebar if you’d like to check in. My newest pic is of my infant grand daughter at Saturday’s book signing. She thought the bookmarks were quite tasty. 😀