Meet Deadly Devotion’s Hero

To celebrate the release of Deadly Devotion, the book’s hero, former FBI agent, Tom Parker…picture Hugh Jackman in Australia, except in a sports jacket…is answering questions at Shelf Pleasure. Please click the link to hop over and hear what’s on his mind.

By the way, now that Deadly Devotion has officially released, the bonus features, such as deleted scenes, study questions, etc. are live, too.

Hope you have as much fun exploring them as I had putting them together for you!


Fun Friday – Writing Maxims & Real Life

You’ve no doubt heard the saying that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. 

Not so when the goose is a novelist and the gander is her alter-ego–mom, wife or employee!

Today on the American Christian Fiction Writer’s blog, I’m sharing how one simple trick can make an author’s novel come alive.

Start late. Leave early. 

Great advice for a novelist who wants to create page turning suspense. 

Not so great advice for how to win that new promotion at work, or your daughter’s undying affection when she’s playing in the championship game or making her ballet debut. 

Your Turn: Do you have any maxims you try to live by?

Blog Tour Announcement

Today, I’m a guest at Lyn Cote’s blog Strong Women, talking a bit about the ministry behind the real Hope Manor, which inspired my fictional youth detention center in Shades of Truth


This week…I’m the featured author at American Christian Fiction Writers. 

I had fun with one of the questions on the interview–and would like to hear your answers? 

Your Turn: What’s one piece of trivia that most people people don’t know about you?

Jury Duty Anyone?

It’s finally happened. I figured it would one day.

Eventually the town had to work it’s way through the alphabet, and now my turn to do my civic duty has arrived…maybe.

I’ve been summoned to appear for a jury panel, which means that I may or may not be chosen to sit on a jury. The suspense writer in me is intrigued by the possibility. The practical-can’t-sit-for-more-than-an-hour-or-my-back-goes-into-spasms side of me is a tad apprehensive.

I can’t complain about the timing. I have no looming deadlines, and despite all the crime I write about in my fictional town set in this region, we don’t have any upcoming trials that would go on for weeks on end…at least none that I know about.

So…I’m excited about the opportunity to experience the process, watch the people and take lots of notes for future books!

Your Turn: Have you ever been called to jury duty? If so, how was it? If not, would you want to be? 

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Join me…

at Margie Lawson’s Alumni Blog today where she’ll be dissecting samples of Deep Cover using her deep editing methods and talking about (I hope!) how I empowered my character’s emotions using the methods she teaches.

Jessica Nelson also has a profile of the book up on her blog called Booking It. Thanks Jessica!

And Susan Sleeman of Suspense Zone wrote a review. Yee! This is a cool site for lovers of Suspense.

And…I missed announcing an interview of my HERO this past Sunday. I’m so ashamed. Poor Rick. You’ll find it here: 

Join me…

at author Lyn Cote’s blog today where I’m talking about the strongest woman I know, friend and author of Finding Glory in the Thorns, Lisa Jamieson.

Join me…

at The Craftie Ladies of Love Inspired Romance today for a fun look at where my character ideas come from. Not from where you might expect!

Join me…

at Secrets of 7 Scribes today, where I’m talking about my experience at The Writer’s Police Academy and answering questions.

Join me…

Today I’m being interviewed by award-winning Love Inspired Suspense author, and dear friend, Sandra Robbins, at her joint-author blog called The Borrowed Book.

Now, I know, I know, I know…another interview?!

If you’ve read any of them…which is probably how you found this blog in the first place, you probably know more about me than you ever wanted to know.

But… it’s a cool blog.

And a big wave hello to those who have popped over from The Borrowed Book. My regular posting days are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Join me…

Today I’m being interviewed at the Barn Door Book Loft, and a copy of Deep Cover will be given away. 

And…over at Go Teen Writers, I’ve posted a brief step-by-step outline of how I write, and I’m offering a 3-page critique to one of the commenters. 

Don’t forget, I have a special guest coming in tomorrow!!