Safe Haven Stalker Sighting!

Front Cover of Safe Haven Stalker

Fun news!

Safe Haven Stalker, my second contribution to the Hearts in Peril Book Club is now available. 

Readers looking for riveting romantic suspense can subscribe to this fifteen-book, multi-author club with Annie’s Fiction here: where you’ll have the option of choosing from hard cover books at $14.99 USD + shipping or Ebooks at $5.99 USD.  

In this series, you’ll find captivating, intelligent women caught in jeopardy, and the brave, steadfast heroes who will stop at nothing to win their hearts as they race against the clock to solve mysteries. 

Our rehabilitative journey with my grandson, Jed, inspired the career choice for my heroine in Safe Haven Stalker. And it proved to be a unique opportunity to highlight the passion and concern of so many in rehabilitative professions for their youngest clients.  

Read more about Safe Haven Stalker here:

Dangerous Prospects – Reading while Flying Not Recommended

New Release – romantic suspense

Dangerous Prospects, my newest romantic suspense, comes with a warning: don’t start reading this book on a plane. Unless you have nerves of steel. 😀

Of course, once you’re through the first couple of chapters, you’re good to go! 

Book Cover for Dangerous Prospects
Book#5 in the Hearts in Peril series

Then again, if you’re reading before bed…and would actually like to sleep, you might wish to rethink your choice. 😉 

I don’t want you to say I didn’t warn you! But I do so love receiving emails complaining that my book kept the reader up all night. 😆 

And Dangerous Prospects might. Reminiscent of Romancing the Stone, this fast-paced adventure will keep your blood pumping, while putting a smile on your face…when you’re not gnawing your lip in concern. 

More About Dangerous Prospects

After their plane is shot down in the Northern Ontario wilderness, three strangers fight the elements, hired guns, and each other, but what price will they pay to escape? Read more here:

It’s the fifth book in Annie’s Fiction new Hearts in Peril romantic suspense book club, and is currently available in Ebook and hardcover. Check out the club at: You’ll recognize many popular Love Inspired Suspense writers among the authors.   

Niagara-area Event

If you live near Niagara, Canada, I’ll have copies for sale (as well as older titles) at an author showcase at the public library in Fonthill on Saturday, November 4th from 10 AM to 1 PM, where you’ll also have the opportunity to meet many Niagara-area authors. 

Hope to see some of you there! 

Until next time, happy reading. 

Christmas in July & Exciting News!

The Jingle Bell Mysteries three-book bundle is now available!

You can order the hard-cover bundle from I don’t currently see an Ebook option, but imagine we’ll see it when the bundle goes live on the sister site: Annie’s Fiction. 

In the meantime, Ebook readers hankering to cool down in this heat can check out this cool, Christmas-themed bundle: Mistletoe Mysteries

National Excellence in Story Telling 

I’m excited to share that Dangerous at Heart placed second in the suspense category of the National Excellence in Story Telling (NEST, formerly the National Readers’ Choice Award) contest. I haven’t entered a contest in more than six years, and am thrilled that readers still consider my stories award-worthy. 

book cover for Dangerous at Heart by Sandra Orchard


My 25th Novel ~ Boughs of Folly

Woohoo, today is the official release day of my 25th novel, Boughs of Folly. I’m extra excited about this release, because it is the first of my Annie’s Fiction titles available without a bookclub subscription. 

Order the 3-book bundle of Jingle Bell Mysteries, Boughs of Folly included, in either hardcover or Ebook.

Click Here to buy the Jingle Bell Mysteries Bundle 

About the Book:

Jillian Green’s holiday cheer nosedives when her great aunt’s friend is killed while helping them decorate their plantation home for a fundraiser. But the case is more tangled than a strand of twinkle lights, and if Jillian can’t uncover the killer, their friend’s night might not be the only one silenced this Christmas.

All three mysteries take place in the world of Annie’s Chocolate Shoppe Mysteries in Georgia–a far cry from the snowy Christmases I know and love. But happily for me, my long-time prayer partner is a lifelong resident of Georgia. I had great fun acquainting myself with their unique Christmas delicacies and turns of phrases I never hear in Canada. 

If you enjoy Christmas-themed novels, Jingle Bells Mysteries are worth checking out. 

On the horizon

Looking ahead, I’ve written two romantic suspense that release next year as part of a new Hearts in Peril series from Annie’s Fiction. And I’m currently brainstorming outlines for a woman’s fiction title set on Mackinac Island, and for three more romantic suspense set in Montana, which will release in 2024 and 2025. 

These will definitely appeal to my Love Inspired Suspense fans.

Whenever I can carve out spare time, I play with new storylines for a Serena Jones reboot, for my Serena fans who have been patiently (or impatiently as the case may be 😆 ) waiting for a sequel.

And the 25th book recipient is…

Congratulations, Sandra Basso! Let me know which book you would like.

Once again, thank you for joining me in celebrating this writing milestone. It wouldn’t have been any fun without y’all. I deeply appreciate your interest in my books. Your encouraging reviews and personal recommendations to friends help keep the contracts coming. Thank you! 

#24 Hidden Threats

Hidden Threats is my second contribution to the Sweet Intrigue collection from Annie’s Fiction.

Book Cover for Hidden Threats by Sandra Orchard
Click image to read back cover blurb

This novel is set on the enchanting Martha’s Vineyard. I plotted it with my friend Lisa as she toured me around the island to find prime locations for key events in the story. As a writer, that’s living the dream! 

It’s been several years since I’ve been able to enjoy such a research trip, but hopefully there will be more in my future. 🙂 

Our 24th book Recipient:

Congratulations Lynda Bertulli. Thanks so much for joining me in this month-long celebration! Let me know which book you’d like to receive. 

#23 Settling Auld Scores

Thank you for sticking with me through my 25 book countdown. I hope you’ve been enjoying the extra insights I’ve shared into the inspiration behind my stories.

My 23rd book, Settling Auld Scoreswas my final contribution to the Scottish Bakehouse Mysteries from Annie’s Fiction

Book Cover for Settling Auld Scores by Sandra Orchard
Click book cover to read back cover blurb

Like Lass and Found, this one isn’t a murder mystery. I even colour outside the lines sometimes too. 😉 

My grandson’s War Amps commercial with the Hamilton Ti-Cats inspired the football theme for this mystery. That and memories of a whopper of a football season when I was a high school junior. Like me, Laura Donovan, my baker sleuth, isn’t ordinarily a football fan, but her nephew’s participation has hooked her on the game. 🙂 

Our 23rd book recipient:

Today’s recipient was drawn from blog subscribers and commenters. 

Congratulations, Margaret Macleod, email me your mailing address and I’ll get Perilous Waters out to you. Ooh, and how appropriate that your last name is Scottish, given today’s book profile!  🙂 


#22 Dangerous At Heart

Dangerous At Heart marked my return to writing romantic suspense. It’s part of the 12-book Sweet Intrigue book club with Annie’s Fiction (similar to Love Inspired Suspense).

book cover for Dangerous at Heart by Sandra Orchard
Click image to read back cover blurb

Best One Yet?

After my mother-in-law read this one, she surprised me by saying, it is my best one yet. I suspect she just enjoyed returning to romantic suspense after reading a slew of cozies. But apparently, I kept her guessing until the end. 

Scary thing is…I’ve wracked my brain as I’ve been writing this and I can’t remember who’s after the heroine!  😕  Although I did manage to remember why he’s after her. Or should I say she??? I can’t remember!  

Your Turn: 

Which do you prefer cozy mysteries: trade book size mysteries like the Port Aster Secrets series, humorous mysteries like Serena Jones Mysteries, or romantic suspense? 

P.S. I’ll be picking another name from amongst blog commenters. So…commenting will give you the best odds of being my next recipient of a complimentary book. Just saying… 😆 


#21 Paying the Piper

Happy First day of summer! It’s appropriate that revisiting my twenty-first book should happen today, since Paying the Piper begins on July 4th, at an Independence Day picnic, in Loch Mallaig, Michigan. 🙂 

Book Cover for Paying the Piper
Click book cover to read the full blurb

This mystery revolves around a state-wide baking competition being held as part of the town’s annual Scottish Festival & Highland Games. We had the opportunity to watch some of the traditional events at such a festival while vacationing in Northern Ontario a few years ago. If you have the opportunity to attend one, go for it. They’re a lot of fun. 

I’m sure a murder won’t take place at yours. 😆 

Scottish Baking Recipes

I had to research a lot of traditional Scottish baking recipes for this series. Have you ever heard of millionaire’s shortbread or clootie dumplings? I hadn’t.

And of course, the only way to write about them authentically is to sample the goods. Yes, research can be a tough job, but I’m willing to gain a few pounds for the team. 😆

If you’d like to join me, here’s a good place to start: 


Rafflecopter Winners

I debated waiting until June 25th to announce the ten winners of my upcoming release, Boughs of Folly, since that will be the day I profile it here.

But for once in my writing career, I decided NOT to keep you in suspense. 😀 

Don’t be sad if your name isn’t here though, because I have three more books to give away over the next few days, so stay tuned!

P.S. One of those books will go to a randomly selected blog commenter. So, don’t be shy about leaving a comment to let me know which book you’d love to read. 😉 

Onto the winners…drum roll please

Congratulations to:

  1. Christin F
  2. Kara V… M… 
  3. Patti Jo M
  4. Ann S 
  5. Jackie Pad… 
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  7. Beverly D…-M…
  8. Edward A 
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  10. Linda Gaw…

I emailed each of you last night to request your mailing address, so if you didn’t see my email, please check your spam folder and add me to your safe senders list. 😎 

Happy Reading! 

Your Turn: 

What’s your favourite thing connected to the Scots? For me, it’s scones. Yum! Although…I do love listening to Amazing Grace on the bagpipes. And I have a lovely wool tartan blanket I cozy up under to  read on cold winter nights. 🙂  


Drum Image by

#20 Yule Be Sorry

Writing this Christmas mystery whet my appetite for doing more set at this special time of year. I’m currently outlining a romantic suspense set on a Montana guest ranch and Christmas tree farm. But I digress. 😆 

Yule Be Sorry is the 9th book in the Scottish Bakehouse Mystery series I introduced yesterday.  

Inspired by the 12 Days of Christmas Song


On the first day of Christmas, Molly Ferris’s true love gave to her . . . one of many anonymous pranks leading up to Loch Mallaig’s upcoming Yule Festival, an annual tradition celebrating the Michigan town’s Scottish heritage. Initially, Molly and her best friends, Laura Donovan and Carol MacCallan, are charmed by the silly “Twelve Days of Christmas” gifts showing up at their Scottish bakehouse, Bread on Arrival. However, the fifth day presents ghastly tidings—the murder of local real estate agent Eric Wright, who’s found dead with five golden rings on his fingers.

Discovered by the bakehouse’s new delivery boy, whose girlfriend’s family was facing the loss of their home for the holidays, Wright’s homicide soon engulfs the entire village in suspicion and conjecture. With a history of shady deals, the murdered Scrooge had a seemingly endless naughty list of people who could have killed him—and perhaps it was someone Molly and her friends know and trust.

With their business’s wellbeing threatened by their ties to the murder, the Bakehouse Three resolve to solve the mystery of who silenced Wright’s night. Soon, the three Scottish hens realize that not only is their livelihood at stake but their lives as well. They must uncover the murderer before the killer gets to them—otherwise, they might be three bakers-a-dying. 

Find Scottish Bakehouse Mysteries at Annie’s Fiction. 

Subscribe to the Scottish Bakehouse Mysteries Bookclub to receive 1 hard cover book a month ($14.99) , or every two weeks ($10.99), or to receive 1 Ebook a month ($5.99). You can sometimes find individual books being sold second hand. 

I found several used copies of Yule Be Sorry for sale online at Amazon. But if you enjoy cozy mysteries and love everything Scottish, you’ll want to get the entire set of these! 

Our Next Two Complimentary Book Recipients are: 

Congratulations Velma and Marlene! I’ll be in touch.  


#19 ~ Lass and Found

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads! 

I’ll let you know our 10 winners of the rafflecopter, as soon as I receive the names from the coordinator!

On to the 19th book in my 25 book retrospective:

Lass and Found Is the fourth book in the 24-book, multi-author Scottish Bakehouse Mysteries, set in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This was another super-fun series to write. It follows the exploits of three former college roommates, now in their fifties, as they reunite to open a bakery in bonny Loch Mallaig, Michigan, a place where the iconic sounds of Great Highland bagpipes fill the air, kilts never go out of fashion, and mysteries surface with curious regularity.

This particular story isn’t a murder mystery, but a missing person mystery.

Lass and Found Book Cover
Click the image to read the back cover blurb

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!